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Avon Real Estate

Situated 13 miles south of Salvo and just north of Buxton is the tiny village of Avon, North Carolina. With a year-round population of just 776 (as of 2018), Avon is known for its relaxing ambiance and natural wildlife, but to others, is recognized as one of the best Outer Banks locations for a relaxing vacation and taking in some spectacular recreational surf fishing. Avon isn’t all about its awesome beaches, fun-filled water sports, and first-rate fishing. The Avon village features restaurants and local shops, which makes both living and visiting Avon, a little more fun, and a lot more convenient.

Avon, NC real estate ranges from rustic cottages to expansive, oceanfront income properties with up to 8 bedrooms. With the growing popularity of both Avon and the Outer Banks’ tourism industry, many of the investment properties for sale here will net a positive cash flow almost immediately. And for second-home owners, what could be better than spending a little down time out on the Atlantic Ocean enjoying one the go-to destinations for windsurfing, kiteboarding, and some of the best fishing around?